Going Live With Simple Renew and Recurly

To follow this guide, you will need a Recurly.com account, plus Simple Renew installed on your Joomla site.

Step #1. Add your API Keys

  • Go to Components > Simple Renew Pro > Gateways.
  • There will be a Recurly option. Here you can enter your Recurly keys.

recurly keys

  • Click the "Payment Options" tab and you can configure settings for your integration:

recurly options

Step #2. Add Your Webhook to Recurly

  • After you save your Recurly gateway, Simple Renew will show you a webhook. Copy this URL.

recurly webhook

  • Go to your Recurly account.
  • Go to "Integrations", then "Webhooks".
  • Click "New Endpoint".
  • Give a name to this webhook in the "Endpoint Name" field.
  • Enter your webhook URL in the "Endpoint URL" field.

recurly endpoint

  • Back in your Joomla site, go to Components > Simple Renew Pro > Gateways.
  • You should see that your Recurly gateway is marked as "Configured".

recurly configured

Step 3. Configure Simple Renew

create plans

This next image shows an example plan. The subscription gives the user access to a particular user group: "Shack Error Notify". When someone subscribes to this plan, they will have their payment collected by Recurly. They will also get a Joomla account in the "Shack Error Notify" role.

create plans settings