Going Live with Simple Renew and Stripe

To follow this guide, you will need a Stripe.com account, plus Simple Renew installed on your Joomla site.

Step #1. Add your API Keys

simple renew

Step #2. Add Your Webhook to Stripe

  • After you save your Recurly gateway, Simple Renew will show you a webhook. Copy this URL.

simple renew webhook

  • Go to your Stripe account.
  • Go to "Developers", then "Webhooks".
  • Click "Add endpoint".
  • Enter your webhook URL in the "Endpoint URL" field.
  • Click "Add endpoint".

add stripe endpoint

  • In your Joomal site, go to Components > Simple Renew Pro > Gateways.
  • You should see that your Stripe gateway is marked as "Configured":

stripe configured

Step #3. Configure Simple Renew

create plans

This next image shows an example plan. The subscription gives the user access to a particular user group: "Shack Error Notify". When someone subscribes to this plamn, they will have their payment collected by Stripe. They will also get a Joomla account in the "Shack Error Notify" role.

create plans settings