All the Joomla News for January 2021

All the Joomla News for January 2021

Thanks for using Joomla and Joomlashack. This week we're trying something a little different. It's a round-up of news from around the Joomla community. Please let us know if you find this useful and want more round-ups in the future.

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Video introduction to Tabs and Sliders

Tabs and Sliders has over 100 reviews on, and is one of our most popular extensions. Rod Martin and the team at OSTraining were kind enough to create a video showing how to use our Tabs and Sliders. Click to watch the Tabs and Sliders video.

Optimize your Joomla site's performance

Nick from Akeeba has just finished a big 6-part series on optimizing Joomla sites. It's on his personal site and is definitely worth reading. Nick has already moved his site to Joomla 4. He is a brave man! Read the first part of Nick's 6-part series.

January's Joomla Magazine is really good

This month's version of the official Joomla Magazine is excellent. There are articles on all this and more:

  • Cassiopeia, the Joomla 4 default template.
  • Lazy-loading in Joomla core.
  • What to expect for 2021 in Joomla.

Read the January issue of the magazine.

Joomla Day USA is coming in April

This will be a virtual event. The organizing team are looking to throw a collaborative event, and want to include talks about Joomla, web development, and also broader topics. They have just opened the call for speakers and sponsors. Click for more about Joomla Day USA.

Joomla 4 will use Bootstrap 5

It looks like Joomla 4 will ship with Bootstrap 5 instead of Bootstrap 4. Version 5 is still in beta, but it's the recommended version on the official Bootstrap site, and it should give Joomla 4 a longer shelf-life. Read a (very long) discussion on using Bootstrap 5.

Create a Responsive Vertical Timeline

This is an awesome tutorial. A vertical timeline can showcase historical facts, the growth of your company, your achievements, etc. This tutorial shows how to create and display an awesome responsive vertical timeline using only Joomla. See how to build a timeline in Joomla.

There's a new Joomla SEO team

Earlier this month, the official Joomla SEO Team met for the first time. We all know how important SEO is for our CMS and for our daily work. So if you have any ideas, suggestions, or proposals to improve SEO in Joomla, feel free to send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Read more about the Joomla SEO team.

Other Joomlashack updates

Here are other updates and tutorials from the Joomlashack team in January: