All the Joomla News for June 2021

All the Joomla News for June 2021

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Every month we post a round-up of news from around the Joomla community. Here's our guide to what's interesting in Joomla right now.

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One Quick Report to See Everything Happening in Joomla

If you have 5 minutes and want to catch up on what's happening with Joomla's teams, Llewellyn Van der Merwe produces the best guides. Llewellyn's report covers translation, Joomla 3 and 4, Google Summer of Code projects, and much more. You can think of this as the official version of the Joomlashack newsletter :)

Click to read Llewellyn's report on the Joomla teams

Joomla 4 Support for More Media Types

Dimitris Grammatikogiannis has done great work on Joomla 4. With this latest update, he made it much easier for Joomla 4 users to select and embed audio, video, and document files. This adds support for mp4, mp3, odg, odp, ods, odt, pdf, png, ppt, txt, xcf, xls, and csv files. This link is to a Github issue, so it is geeky, but it's important!

Read about Joomla support for audio, videos, and documents

How to Design Beautiful OSCampus Certificates

Did you know that you can create awesome certificates in OSCampus Pro? You don't even need any graphic design skills! This is because OSCampus supports certificates that you can download from sites such as Canva.

See how to create your own certificates

New Flexicontent Demo Site

Flexicontent is one of the best and most powerful free Joomla extensions. Yannick Berges, the developer of Flexicontent, has just released a new demo site with lots of useful demos and tutorials. He shows you how to create a job application portal, a real estate website, and a recipe site.

Check out the new Flexicontent demos

How to Use Fabrik for Joomla Applications

Fabrik is an extension that's similar to Flexicontent. We've had a few questions in our Facebook group about Fabrik, mostly from people who want to build bigger applications inside Joomla. When one user asked about building a complex database app in Joomla, several people suggested Fabrik. Joomla London have just posted a demo video with Robbie Adair, the owner of Fabrik. She shows how to build a directory with Fabrik.

See how to build applications with Fabrik

Get a Firewall for Your Websites

We recently shared details of a massive DDos attack on Joomlashack that was blocked by the firewall on our site. Although we weren't saying this twelve months ago, we now really encourage everyone to get a reliable firewall in front of their sites. Victor Drover over at Watchful explains why Cloudflare is a good choice.

Why you should use Cloudflare on your sites

New Joomla eCommerce Extensions Site

If you've attended the Joomlashack Conference in the last couple of years, you've seen Adam Melcher talk. His topics included Sell More With Your Joomla Site and  Award-Winning eCommerce Sites. Adam has a new extension site called Joomla Gears with some cool new products, including a couple of statistics dashboards for your site:

Check out Adam's new eCommerce extensions

Controlling User Access in Joomla

Almost every month, this newsletter features a tutorial by Patrick Jackson. He writes excellent guides to Joomla topics and this month he wrote about permissions and roles. Patrick shares with you a number of scenarios I’ve implemented for sites that extend the core ACL functionality to meet customer requirements. There is also a small shout-out to OSCampus!

Getting started with Access Control Lists (ACL) in Joomla

Understanding Error Notices in Joomla

Joomla runs on PHP and when PHP has problems, it tries to report them to you. These errors may appear on your site and could be visible to visitors. In this tutorial, we give you a quick introduction to these errors. We'll explain the different types that might appear on your site and how you can stop them from showing.

What you should know about error notices

Other Joomlashack updates

Here are other updates and tutorials from the Joomlashack team in June: