All the Joomla News for November 2021

All the Joomla News for November 2021

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Every month we post a round-up of news from around the Joomla community.

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More Joomlashack extensions ready for Joomla 4

In November, we released four more extensions for Joomla 4:
  • OSMeta
  • Shack Article Manager
  • Shack Error Notify
  • Shack User Switching

In December, we plan more releases, including Shack Analytics and Shack Locations.

Read about the Joomlashack plans for Joomla 4.

The Official Plans for Joomla 4.1

Joomla 4.1 is scheduled for release on the 15th of February. Here's an overview of some of the features you can expect:

    • Improvement of language support within articles
    • Better support for code highlighting in TinyMCE editor
    • Enhancement of the Media Manager Web Service
    • Task Scheduler (Web cron)
    • Accessibility Checker for authors 

Click here to see the details of Joomla 4.1.

A Joomla Developer's View of Joomla 4 and 4.1

This one is for developers who want to get into the weeds of Joomla 4. Benjamin Trenkle from the Joomla team talks about the lessons learned from the 4.0 release and what's coming in 4.1.

Watch Benjamin's talk on Joomla 4.0 and 4.1.

Custom Fields Improvements in Joomla 4

Marc Dechèvre is the person to listen to about Joomla custom fields. He has written nice articles on custom fields for the Joomla Community Magazine. Marc has issued a challenge ... can you help him publish his tenth article?

Read about Marc's custom fields challenge.

Phoca Gallery is Ready for Joomla 4

The Phoca team do some of the very best work in Joomla. They've just released a beta of Phoca Gallery for Joomla 4. It's a free and awesome photo/image extension. It might take a while for them to update everything ... look at their list of extensions!

See the new Phoca Gallery.

A Colorful New Joomla 4 Admin Template

XiroAdmin is an interesting and more colorful twist on the Joomla 4 admin area, and it's free to download.

Download the XiroAdmin administrator template.

Video: Core Essential Extensions and Plugins

Amine Andi in the Joomlashack Facebook group recommended this video from Chris Wilcox. It's a walk-through of five core extensions which are critical to have on any Joomla 3 or Joomla 4 website - from firewalls to backups.

Watch the essential extensions video.

Our positive experience with Cloud Access for Joomla hosting

We moved Joomlashack to Cloud Access a few months ago. They were top of a (sadly quite short) list of hosts that know Joomla. We were mainly after some protection from DDoS attacks that Cloud Access promised to provide. They get two big thumbs up so far, particularly Pawel and Kris in support. We can recommend them for your Joomla sites.

Check out Cloud Access for Joomla hosting.

Fleet, a New IDE for Joomla Development

For years, our Joomlashack team have used JetBrains products for all our development. The JetBrains team have a new IDE out that I'm sure we'll be using. Has anyone tried this yet?

Check out the new Fleet IDE.

Centralized File Management with Joomla and Dropbox

Chris Elliott from the Joomlashack Facebook Group has written about his central file management system. It was built for a group of UK schools that have a head office and dozens of remote schools. They now use Joomla, integrated with DropBox, to manage files for all the staff.

Read the article on file management for schools.