How to Add Video or Audio to a Joomla Article

Add Video or Audio to Joomla

In this Joomla media tutorial, we'll show you how to embed video and audio into a Joomla article.

By default, Joomla doesn't have much support for multimedia. You can add images, but it's not possible to embed YouTube videos, Soundcloud audio, Twitter posts, Instagram photos and other multimedia content.

If you do want to add video or audio to Joomla article, you will need an extension.

If you want to embed video from a single source, you can find excellent extensions for that purposes. Here at Joomlashack, we offer specific plugins for YouTube, Vimeo and Wisita videos:

  • OSYouTube: the most popular way to add YouTube videos to Joomla.
  • OSVimeo: the most powerful way to add Vimeo videos to Joomla.
  • OSWistia: Add Wistia videos to Joomla and take advantage of all Wistia's cool features.

However, if you want to use a wide variety of video and audio sources, you probably don't want to install an extension for each one. So we're going to use a plugin called OSEmbed. Here's a video introduction to what OSEmbed can do. This video is actually embedded in this page using OSEmbed!

Here's how you use OSEmbed:

  1. Download the OSEmbed plugin from here Joomlashack.
  2. In the administration area of your Joomla site, go to Extensions > Install and upload the file to install.
  3. Insert video or audio into an article using the URL.
  4. The URL of your embed will be changed into a purple box like this:

adding video to Joomla

If OSEmbed accepts your URL, it will be automatically transformed into a working embed.

It's really as simple as that. OSEmbed supports video files from sites like YouTube and Vimeo, plus audio files from sites like Soundcloud.

Using this great plugin you can embed videos from many sources that host videos and audio files. Click here to see the full list of providers supported by OSEmbed. Let's see some example of OSEmbed in action ... 

Embed a YouTube Video in Joomla

Embed a SoundCloud Audio File in Joomla