OSDownloads is Now Integrated With AcyMailing

OSDownloads Joomla extension

OSDownloads is a great way to store and share files in Joomla. It also allows you to build email lists. You can request email addresses and other details from visitors before they can download your file. This email collection feature of OSDownloads is what you see when you download any free extension here at Joomlashack.

You can also connect OSDownloads to newsletter services so you can send emails to those visitors. OSDownloads supported Mailchimp and Constant Contact. Now it also supports AcyMailing, the Joomla newsletter extension.

In this post, I'll show you how the new OSDownloads Pro and AcyMailing integration works.

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Joomlashack Adopts the Extensions of Pixpro Labs

Joomlashack Has Adopted the Extensions of Pixpro Labs

Over the last 13 years, Joomlashack has built popular and powerful extensions and templates for Joomla.

In addition to building our own products, we've also acquired them from other developers. In recent years, we've adopted 6 extensions: JCal Pro, jInbound, Shack Forms, Shack Toolbox, Shack Open Graph, and Tabs and Sliders.

We think that adopting extensions is a win for everyone. In the past, developers had limited options if they wanted to stop work on their extensions. If they made an official announcement, they had to deal with unhappy users. To avoid this, sometimes the developers would just disappear. In contrast, a smooth adoption leads to a great outcome for the developers, users ... and Joomlashack customers.

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5 New Extensions Coming to Joomlashack From Pixpro

5 New Extensions Coming to Joomlashack From Pixpro

Joomlashack has agreed to acquired the extensions developed by Pixpro Labs in Sweden.

You can read the full announcement here at Joomlashack and at the Pixpro site.

In this post, we'll give you an overview of all the exciting new extensions that are coming to Joomlashack.

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Shack Forms GDPR Improvements

Shack Forms logo

If you collect data from EU citizens, the way your site stores the data must comply with GDPR.

We just implemented a few small but important changes in our Shack Forms form builder to make it GDPR compliant.

In this blog post, you will take a look at Shack Forms GDPR improvements.

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New Feature: Custom Limits for Lists of OSCampus Classes and Pathways

OSCampus Pro

We are happy to announce that we implemented another useful feature in our OSCampus Pro 1.2.4.

You can now set your own custom limits for the lists of displayed OSCampus classes. 

Previously, this limit was automatically set to the value set in your Joomla's Global Configuration.

In this blog post, you will take a look at this new feature.

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OSYouTube Supports YouTube's Privacy Enhanced Mode

OSYouTube Plugin Logo

It's now just over a month since the launch of Europe's GDPR laws. We recently wrote a guide to how Joomla is handling the GDPR.

We've also been listening and responding to customer requests about the GDPR.

One of the most common requests has been for improvements to how OSYouTube handles privacy. I'm pleased to say that we've just released a new version of OSYouTube which makes it much easier to be GDPR-compliant. The new version makes it much easier to disable cookies for your users.

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New Feature: OSCampus Single Pathway Menu Item Type

OSCampus Pro

We are happy to announce that we implemented a new feature in our OSCampus Pro.

Starting with version 1.2.4, you will have the OSCampus Pro - Pathway new menu item type. It will display all classes of a single pathway.

In this blog post, you will take a look at this new feature.

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5 Courses to Get You Started with Joomla

5 Courses to Help Your Started with Joomla

There is a common question we get from Joomla beginners who just joined Joomlashack.

They want to know how to start with Joomla and what kind of video classes they should take.

Here's an overview of 5 video classes to get you started with building, maintaining, securing and speeding up your Joomla site. All of these courses are available to Joomlashack Everything Club members as part of Joomlashack University.

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We Are Willing to Adopt Joomla Extensions

We Are Willing to Adopt Joomla Extensions

Update: We published this post in January 2017. I've updated it for mid-2018.

Over the last few days, we've been contacted by several Joomla users. These users were customers of a particular Joomla extension developer. The developer seems to have vanished overnight, shutting down their website. 

This is not the first time we've seen a situation like this. Life happens. People get busy, create new extensions and services, change jobs, or may need to stop development for 1,001 other reasons.

But, if you don't want to disappoint your existing customers, let me offer an option: Joomlashack is willing to adopt your extensions.

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Shack Open Graph Is Now Live at Joomlashack

Shack Open Graph

Back in March, we announced the acquisition of Perfect Web, another Joomla extension company.

As a result, three Perfect Web extensions are moving to Joomlashack. We already moved over Shack Toolbox and Shack Forms.

We are happy to announce that the final extension is also here today. Say hello to Shack Open Graph.

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