We asked several questions about the background of people who use Joomla. Here are some of the results of those survey questions.


The vast majority of people work in the private sector, or run their own businesses. Perhaps one of the more surprising results, this seems to imply that Joomla finds more users in the business community than the non-profit world. One possibility however, is that these are web designers using Joomla for their clients of all types. More on that later...


A significant number noted that they were in that ubiquitous "other" category. Digging deeper into that data reveals no common theme. More respondents claimed "webmaster" as their role than "designer." This seems to reinforce the notion that Joomla is for more than just designers, and is a true robust CMS.


A multiple selection question about computer skills offered some interesting results. Over 50% of respondents said they had programming expertise, PHP and MySQL. It appears there are a lot of developers taking advantage of the well documented API for Joomla.