Joomla 4 Has Customizable HTML Email Templates

Joomla 4 Has Customizable HTML Email Templates

Joomla 4 is making progress with Alpha releases every month or so. Last month, we got a new admin template and before that it was a new search engine.

The latest version of Joomla 4 is Alpha 12. You can read the release announcement here.

The major new feature in this release is customizable email templates. You will be able to control the content of the emails sent from your site. This is thanks to a new extension called com_mails.

Let me show you how these email templates work.

  • Make sure you're using Joomla 4, Alpha 12.
  • Go to "System" in the left menu and then click "Mail Templates".

Joomla 4 email template system link

You'll now see a list of the templates that you can edit. At the moment, with Joomla 4, only one test email template is available. In the next Joomla release, you'll find many more.

The trick to editing the template is to click on the flag. In the image below, you'd click on the British flag. This is a little counter-intuitive. I believe it's done this way so the screen can accommodate multiple templates in multiple languages.

Joomla 4 email template table layout

Once you're inside the template, you will find the most important screen. Here you can edit all the text in the email. You can do this in both HTML and Text mode. The HTML mode comes with a text editor. In the right sidebar, you'll see "Available Tags" that you can use to dynamically fill in extra details.

Joomla 4 email template editing

There are a couple of configuration options available. Inside "Global Configuration" you can change the main email settings and also send yourself test emails.

Joomla 4 email template options in global configuration

Inside the options for com_mails, you can choose the default settings for your site's emails. You can also set aside a folder for any attachments that you want to include with the emails.

Joomla 4 email template options

Joomla 4 email template summary

This is another nice new feature. More emails will be added in future versions of Joomla 4, so you'll soon be able to see more of this feature's potential. For example, you'll be able to customize your Welcome, Password Reset, and other emails. Click here to see the Github discussion.

I can definitely imagine us using this here at Joomlashack, for this site and for our extensions. We currently use a third party extension to modify our emails from the Joomla core, and it will be great to be able to do this through Joomla itself.

I'm really looking forward to Joomla 4, which should arrive in early 2020.

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