You Can Customize Your Site's Emails in Joomla 4

Joomla 4 Has Customizable HTML Email Templates

Joomla 4 is making progress with regular beta releases. The latest version of Joomla 4 is Beta 3. You can read the release announcement here.

One of the major new features in Joomla 4 is customizable email templates. You will be able to control the content of the emails sent from your site. This is thanks to a new extension called com_mails.

Let me show you how these email templates work.

  • Log in to the Joomla 4 administrator panel.
  • In the left menu, click "System":

click system

  • Click "Mail Templates":

click mail templates

  • You'll now see the "Mail Template" screen with a list of the templates that you can edit:

the mail templates screen with the list of mail templates

  • To edit a mail template, click on its title and then on the "Create mail template for <your language>" link:

click create mail to edit the mail template

  • This will bring you inside the template on the "Edit Mail Template" screen:

inside the edit mail template screen

  • Here you can edit the subject and the text of the email. By default, you will be able to edit only in plain text mode, as shown in my screenshot above. To enable the HTML mode, get back to the "Mail Templates" main screen, and click the "Options" button in the top right corner:

click options

  • Click inside the "Mail Format" field, click "Both" and then click "Save & Close":

click both 

  • Now open a mail template of your choice once again. You will see two boxes available for editing the text of the template: one - for plain text, and another one - for HTML code:

both text and html mode

  • In the right sidebar, you'll see "Available Tags" that you can use to dynamically fill in extra details:

available tags

  • There are a couple of configuration options available. Inside the "Global Configuration" screen > tab "Server", you can change the main email settings and also send yourself test emails:

global configuration for mail

Joomla 4 email template summary

This is another nice new feature in Joomla 4.

I can definitely imagine us using this here at Joomlashack, for this site, and for our extensions. We currently use a third party extension to modify our emails from the Joomla core, and it will be great to be able to do this through Joomla itself.

I'm really looking forward to Joomla 4.

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