Getting Started With Repeating Events in JCal Pro

There are two types of events In JCal Pro: Does Not Repeat and Repeat.

You have Does Not Repeat events. These are non-recurring events, where every event is an independent single event on its own. It has no relationship to any other events. You should create such a single event from scratch.

You also have Repeat events that can belong to one of the following three sub-types: 

  1. Repeat (Parent) - the first event of a series of recurring events, containing a pattern and duration of a recurring event 
  2. Repeat (Child) - an individual instance of a recurring series of events identical to the Repeat (parent)
  3. Repeat (Detached)* - an event, that originally was the Repeat (Child) and belonged to a series of recurring events. Once it was edited, it became a detached individual instance of the series. Since it was edited, it is no longer identical to the Repeat (parent).

In the JCal Pro: Events administrative page, the event type is displayed and can be used to sort events. For example, when you want to hide the events of the Repeat (child) type. This is useful for sites containing numerous recurring events.

* Note: When you modify or delete a Repeat (parent) event, all Repeat (child) events of this parent event are also modified or deleted. In case of modifying, the parent event and its child events then get recreated with the modified parameters.

JCal Pro event types