Getting Started With JCal Pro Registrations

The JCal Pro Registrations admin page allows Joomla administrators to register existing Joomla users for JCal Pro events from the site back end. Once event registrations have been created, you can view, edit, delete or export them via this page.

How to Enable Event Registrations

By default, event registrations are disabled to prevent any possible spam problems.

In order for JCal Pro event registrations to work, you need to enable the Allow Registration option in Components > JCal Pro > Options > Environment.

Allow Registration default setting to No

You will also need to enable registration on for each event using the event's Registration tab.

Enable individual event registration

How to Register Users for Events

If you want to allow your visitors to register themselves for events, follow these instructions.

If you want to create or edit the registrations, follow these instructions.

How to Export JCal Pro Event Registrations

On the "Registrations" screen, the "Export" button enables you to migrate your JCal Pro events registration to external applications in a .CSV formatted file.

02 export button

The Confirm Button for JCal Pro Registrations

03 confirm button

You can think of the JCal Pro: Registrations administrative page Confirm button as of the Publish button for Joomla articles or categories. A user registration for a JCal Pro event is not active until you select it and press Confirm.

04 unconfirm button

Use the Unconfirm button work for for when you need to deactivate a user registration for a JCal Pro event.