How to Show Shack Forms in a Slide in Box

With Shack Forms, you can display your Joomla contact form in all sorts of interesting places. One of the most popular options is to have your form available via a button on the edge of the visitor's browser window.

To get this slide-in window, inside your Shack Form, choose the "Layout" option and choose "Slide in Box".

In this video tutorial, you will take a look at a few available options to show your Shack Forms in a slide-in window.

Now that you know the basics, here are four ways you can improve and customize your slide-in window with Shack Forms:

Tip #1. Set a toggle tab icon

A form toggle is what your site visitors will see before they see your Shack Form itself. Your form toggle creates the first impression of the form. It also influences the overall impression of your site.

Out of the box, a Shack Form toggle has no icon.

default shack form toggle

Shack Forms allows you to add a nice icon from the IcoMoon icons library to your form toggle and make it more apealing and fun. On the image below, you can see my form toggle with one of such icons:

final result

Do you see the difference? You can add an IcoMoon icon to your form's toggle in just a few clicks.

You start by going to the "Toggler Tab" tab and enable the "Icon" parameter:

click the toggler tab

Next, you locate the "Icon" setting and set it to the "IcoMoon" option:

set the icon setting to icomoon

Once you do, you will see the "IcoMoon" setting with a select list of icons appearing underneath. This is where the magic happens. Select here your preferred icon. In my example, I selected the icon pointing to the right:

select an icon

Once you saved your form and check it at the frontend of your site, you will see that it now has the IcoMoon icon of your choice:

final result

See this tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

Tip #2. Separate the toggle names for open and closed form

By default, your Shack Form toggle has only one name "Ask a question". It is the same name whether your form is open or closed. How about having one name for a closed form and another - for the open one?

For example, you can set a "Contact Us" name for the closed form:

contact us name for closed form

And at the same time you can add a "Close" name - for the open form:

close name for open form

The "Custom label" under the "Toggler Tab" tab is the parameter you need to set to achieve this. The trick is to separate the toggle names using the pipe ("|") symbol: 

locate the custom label parameter

See this tutorial for step-by-step instructions. 

Tip #3. Set your form background color

By default, your Shack Form background color is white:

white background by default

It most likely will blend nicely with the majority of Joomla website color schemes. But what if you wish to quickly change this default background for your form?

For example, you may wish your form to be in bright contrast to the rest of your Joomla site.

You can achieve this by using one of the three pre-defined styles under the "Theme" tab > "Background color" setting:

select black color

As you can see on the image above, I set my form background color to "black". And here is how my form looks with this background color tweak:

black background at work

See this tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

Tip #4. Add a form background image

By default, your Shack Form doesn't have any background images:

white background by default


But what if you wish to quickly add a background image to your form? What if you would like to make your Shack Form stand out from the rest of the site with a background image?

Here is one example of such form:

form with background image

You can achieve this by using the "Background image" parameter under the "Theme" tab.

find background image setting

See this documentation for step-by-step instructions.