What is a Backup in Joomla?

Backup is a spare copy of your site. You or your host create a backup of your site.

Then once something happens to your site and troubleshooting it doesn't help, you simply recover your broken site from its backup copy.

The most convenient way to backup a Joomla site for any Joomla beginner is to use the popular and most installed extension "Akeeba Backup for Joomla".

download akeeba backup for joomla

It allows you to create backups of your site right from the convenience of your Joomla control panel. You can easily create them manually, with one click. Or you can set backups to run automatically, on a schedule.

Once you created a backup in your Akeeba Backup for Joomla component, you can use it to easily recover your site.

Simply unpack it to your site root and then run the backup installation process following onscreen instructions. Just as you would do installing Joomla itself.


What is a Blog in Joomla?

A blog is Joomla's out-of-the-box built-in capability. If you need a blog, installing Joomla is all you need to do. 

Create your blog categories.

Then go to Content > Articles > Add New Article and begin creating your blog posts. 

Once you are ready to publish your blog posts, you simply point the Home menu item to your blog category. 

Now your site visitors will see your blog posts listed in chronological order. Your blog is ready.

This is exactly how we built our own blog here at Joomlashack.

joomlashack blog page

What is the Backend in Joomla?

Any Joomla based website consists of two sections: frontend and backend. Frontend web pages are what your site visitors view.

You can think of the backend pages of your website as of your virtual office. Here you or your team will create your site content and administer your site. 

For security, to access a Joomla based site backend a user needs special permissions. If you are the one who installed Joomla system on your site, then you already have permissions to the backend as the site Super Administrator.

What is the Batch Feature in Joomla?

Batch is your ability to perform a certain task in Joomla with a batch of multiple items in one go. It's called "Batch processing".

You may find the Batch button in various administrative pages in your Joomla control panel. 

  • Go to Content > Articles

Go Content > Articles

You will see the Batch button located in the top right corner:

batch button

  • Select one or more of your Joomla articles and click on the Batch button. You will see the "Batch process the selected articles" box:

batch processing box

Here you can perform the following tasks with the batch of your selected articles:

  • Set their language
  • Move or copy them into a selected category
  • Set their access level
  • Add tags to them.

Joomla also provides you similar batch processing capability for your categories, menu items, and users.

As you can see, batch processing is a fairly simple task. You just select the items to batch process. Then you select what particular action you would like to perform on them. And finally, you click the Process green button. It's that simple.