What Is a Joomla Core?

The "Core" or "Joomla Core" is a technical term for the files and folders that make your bear-bone Joomla after you just installed it.

Joomla is an extendable system. You can add some extra features to your Joomla. Just like you can add extra programmes to your operating system.

If you installed one the of extra features on your website, Joomla core is what your website is without those additional features.

What is the Created by Feature in Joomla?

You may find the "Created by" box in various parts of your Joomla site. Displayed both in its control panel as well as its front pages.

It usually displays a name of a person who either created the given content item or has been assigned as its creator. In Joomla system, every created content item must have a creator.

  • Open one of your Joomla articles. Then click the "Publishing" tab. You will see the Created by box displayed.

created by

Your Joomla will display this person's name on the respective front end page next to "Written by":

written by

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What is Content in Joomla?

Content is what you create in your Joomla Content Management System to display as webpages to your site visitors.

You can create content for them mainly in the form of text, images or videos. 

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What is a Joomla Component?

A Joomla component is one of the main building blocks of your Joomla system. 

When you just installed Joomla system on your website, it consists of the core, or, in other words, default components.

If you wish to add some cool extra features to your default Joomla, you will have to download and install extra components. 

Joomla default, or core components, are developed and distributed by Joomla Production Team. Extra components are developed and distributed by 3-rd party developers.

Please, visit "Your Guide to All the Default Components in Joomla" tutorial to learn more about what Joomla components are.