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Breezy is a colorful, versatile and easy to use template. It's loaded with features and comes bundled with 3 color styles.

  • Visionary and Easy Social Icons preinstalled in the Quicklauncher
  • Fully responsive
  • Built on the Wright Framework
  • Light and very fast-loading
  • Easy Quicklauncher installation
  • 2 beautiful main menu options
  • 3 color themes
  • 17 module positions
  • Joomlashack's stellar support

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Some early results

It's still very early in the survey, but the first 1,000 respondents are already showing us some very interesting results.

Here's a glimpse at the data for a couple of our 20+ questions. (See all the questions and take the survey!)

On the question of using GPL vs non-GPL licensed extensions:

  • 29% say "I only use extensions that are fully GPL compliant"
  • 20% say "I'll use non-GPL if I have to"
  • 51% say " Whatever works regardless of license"

How often Joomla users update Joomla to the latest released version:

  • 28% say they "Immediately update every version release asap"
  • 40% say they "Wait for problems/bugs and delay update for a few days or more"
  • 22% say they "Update only when major security or bugs are fixed in release"
  • 10% say they "Rarely or never update"

Where do Joomla users get their templates:

  • 5% say they use a custom template outsource to designer
  • 15% say they designed a template in-house
  • 53% say they purchased a commercial template
  • 24% say they use a free template
  • 4% say they use the template that came with Joomla

We'll continue to update you about the survey results as it unfolds. Keep checking back to our Team Blog for the latest news about the survey!