Display a Joomla Login Module in a Popup Box with Shack Toolbox

Display a Joomla Login Module in a Popup Box with Shack Toolbox

One of the questions this week was if we had a Joomla extension to display a Login module in a popup. Our "Shack Toolbox Pro" module is your perfect Swiss Knife for this job.

Once you set it to display your Login module, you have a ton of design options for its popup. In this blog post, you will learn about displaying a login module in a Lightbox popup with "Shack Toolbox Pro".

Here is the Joomla's "Login" module displayed by our "Shack Toolbox Pro" extension in a Lightbox popup.

final result

Let's take a look at how to set it up.

In your Joomla administrator panel, you would go to "Extensions" > "Modules":

go to extensions modules

This will bring you to the list of the modules installed on your Joomla site. You want to find the "Shack Toolbox Pro" and open it up for editing.

Firstly, you need to tell the "Shack Toolbox Pro" that you would like it to display a module and then which exactly module it would be.

To do this, under the "Module" tab, you want to click the "Any Module" box. Then you want to select the "Login" module inside the "Choose module" parameter:

Click Any Module and select the Login

At this point, it would be a good time to set the "Position" to the "debug" position of your Joomla template:

Set the Position to debug

Then you need to tell the "Shack Toolbox Pro" how exactly you would like it to open the popup with the "Login" module:

  • On page load or
  • On page scroll or
  • On page exit.

For this blog post, I selected to display the Login popup on the page load.

To do the same, you want to go to the "Location & Effects" tab and set the position of the module to "Hidden":

Select the Hidden

Next, you want to click the "Advanced" button and set the "Auto-open" parameter to "On load":

Click On load

At this point, you are done with the initial setup. You can click "Save" or "Save & Close" and you are done.

If you visit your Joomla site frontend, you will see your "Login" module popup, just as displayed in the image at the top of the post. But you don't have to stop here. 

"Shack Toolbox Pro" offers you a ton of options to fine-tune the design of your login popup box. You have 17 preset design themes on the "Theme" tab at your disposal:

choose this theme

Each of them offers you the "Theme customizer":

the theme customizer

Inside the "Theme customizer" you will find settings to fine-tune the following:

  • The popup box size
  • The popup box text
  • The popup box background
  • The box background image
  • The box toggler button and tab
  • Vertical toggler tab
  • Toggler size
  • Lightbox backdrop.

Take a look at my screenshot with some of those customization options:

some design options

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