What Are the 16 Field Types in Joomla?

What Are the 16 Field Types in Joomla?

Joomla now has custom fields that you can add to articles, user profiles, and contact forms.

If you haven't done so already, read our guide to Joomla's fields. Now, here's a detailed overview all thee Joomla fields types. 

#1. Calendar

The Calendar fields allow users to enter a date using a pop-up calendar:

calendar field in Joomla

You can control the display of the date inside the Calendar field settings. The field uses PHP to specify the format. The default is '%Y-%m-%d' which will display dates in this way: '2016-04-16'.

calendar field settings in Joomla

#2. Checkboxes

The Checkboxes field allows users to choose from predefined choices. In the example below, if you check both boxes, "Blue, Green" will appear on the site.

checkboxes field in Joomla

When creating a Checkboxes field, you can create as many options as you wish. 

checkbox settings in Joomla

#3. Colour

The Colour field allows you to choose a color from a pop-up selection box. In the example below, "#ad3e3e" will appear on the front of the site.

color field in Joomla

#4. Editor

This is a fully-fledged editor box, exactly as you would see when writing an article:

editor field in Joomla

Inside the settings for this field, you'll be able to manipulate this editor box:

editor field settings in Joomla

#5. Integer

The Integer field allows users to choose a number from a drop-down list:

integer field in Joomla

This is the choice that users will see:

integer list in Joomla

#6. List

The List field is identical to the Checkboxes field, except that it displays the choices in a dropdown list:

list field in Joomla

#7. List of Images

This field is named very accurately. You can create a list of images to show. I suspect that designers and template developers will build on this to create galleries and slideshows.

When setting up the field, you can choose a particular folder to users to select from:

list of images options

When updating an article, this is what the selection field will look like:

list of images selection

Then finally, here's how the list of images will look when published:

list of images

#8. Media

The Media field is almost identical to the Image field, except you can allow users to browse through multiple directories. Instead of choosing from a single folder, users can browse through the entire media directory if allow them. They will see an image picker:

media picker in Joomla

Choosing "Select" in the field above will open up a full media browser:

media field in Joomla

#9. Radio

The Radio field is almost identical to both the Checkboxes and List fields, except it uses radio buttons, which means you can only make a single choice:

radio field in Joomla

#10. Repeatable

The Repeatable field allows you to create a group of fields that can be duplicated multiple times. You can choose from Editor, Media, Number, Text, and Text Area fields. For example, you might create a "Repeatable" field that contains a Media and a Text field. You can use this for an image and a caption. 


#11. SQL

The SQL field allows you to create your own dropdown list. The query must return two columns; one called 'value' which will hold the values of the list items; the other called 'text' containing the text in the drop-down list.

sql field in Joomla

#12. Text

The Text field is very straight-foward. It's a single-row field for entering text.

#13. Textarea

The Textarea field is similar to the Text field, but larger. In Textarea, you can also specific the number of rows and columns in the text box:

textarea settings

Here is how the Textarea field appears to your users:

textarea field in Joomla

#14. URL

The URL field is surprisingly flexible. There a wide range of URL structures you allow:

url field in Joomla

Whatever you enter into the URL box will be automatically turned into an active link.

#15. User

The User field allows you to a pick a particular user from your site. On the front of the site you see the username, such as "Steve".

user field in Joomla

#16. Usergroup

The User field allows you to a pick a particular usergroup from your site. On the front of the site you see the username, such as "Registered" or "Super Users".

usergroup field in Joomla

Default settings for each field

Finally, before we close this look at fields, it's worth noting that every field has Permission, plus common settings. These settings include:

  • Label: This text will appear before the field on the edit form and on the front of the site
  • Description: This text will be inside the tooltip that users can access on the edit form
  • Required: Does the user have to make a choice with this field?
  • Default Value: This is the default value, if the user does not change it

default options for fields in Joomla

Also, under the "Options" tab, you will find:

  • Hint: This is a placeholder and will only work for text boxes
  • Image: I wasn't able to find where this image appears, but will update this tutorial when I do
  • Image Alternate Text: The alt text for the image in the setting above
  • Render Class: Class attributes for when the field is rendered
  • Class: Class attributes for when the field is shown on edit forms
  • Disabled: Is the field disabled on the edit form
  • Read-Only: Can users edit field content on the edit form?
  • Show On: Where should the field be visible - on the site or the administrator area?
  • Automatic Display: Should the field be visible above or below the content?

default options for fields in Joomla

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