How to Create Hidden Menu Items in Joomla

How to Create Hidden Menu Items in Joomla

Since the beginning of Joomla, users have created hidden menu links. This is a neccesary workaround because menu links control many of the features on Joomla pages - even pages that don't show in menus.

One very common use case is to create links to special sales pages and landing pages. Sometimes we need a menu link to set up the page, but we don't want that link to be easily visible. 

"Add Menu Title" is a menu option that makes it really easy to hide links. Here's how it works ...

  • Go to "Menus".
  • Select the menu you want to use.
  • Edit or create a menu item.

Create a new Joomla menu item

  • Go to the "Link Type" tab.
  • Set "Display in menu" to "No".

Display in menu option in Joomla

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