Sync leads with Mailchimp plugin

mailchimp plugin for jInbound

We are excited today to announce that the leads you capture through jInbound can now be synced to your MailChimp account.

Once you install the MailChimp plugin for jInbound, you will see a new tab in your Campaign parameters.

As you can see in the screenshot, you can select the mailing list(s) and groups/segments to which new jInbound leads will be added.

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jInbound 2.0.5 released with custom CSS support

custom CSS in the new jInbound

Today we released a new version of jInbound — 2.0.5 — that supports custom CSS for styling landing pages. 

Along with the existing custom template editor, custom CSS support allows you to design and implement any landing page design. 

No extra plugins are required for this feature.

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Google Analytics plugin released

Google Analytics plugin parameters

Today we released the third plugin for jInbound, Google Analytics.

Since jInbound uses it's own template engine, most sites using jInbound will not utilize Google Analytics set up on the main Joomla template. 

As an additional feature, you can place a different Gogole Analytics tracking code on each jInbound Landing page.

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New File Upload plugin released

File Upload/attach plugin

Following yesterday's release announcement for the Captcha plugin, we are proud to announce the release of our second plugin, the File Upload add-on. 

Like Captcha, the File Upload add-on creates another field in the form editor.

When selected for your landing page form, end users can attach a file with their contact details. This is very useful for recruiters for example.

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jInbound updated with conversion tracking and reports filters

conversion tracking with jInbound

Today we are pleased to announce that the new version of jInbound is now available. Version 2.0.3 is chocked full of bug fixes and tweaks, but two new features stand out.

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Easy Social Icons with a fresh new look!

Updated and Optimized for Joomla 2.5.22 & 3.3.1

The team has been busy giving Easy Social Icons a great new update. It now works seamlessly with the latest versions of Joomla, 2.5.22 & 3.3.1. Use it with all Joomla Templates to add cool and easy icon sets.

New Features and Social Icon Sets

A great value: Easy Social Icons contains 6 different icon sets that have now been updated and revised. These icon sets will give your site a classy look and a social capability. Our graphical design team worked hard to give the icons a fresh new look. They now include new Social Networks like Dribbble & Vine.

Easy Social Icons: Easily add icons for all of your social networks!

The Easy Social Icons Joomla module by Joomlashack is very easy to use:

  • Go to the configuration menu.
  • Add a link to your network(s).
  • Select the icon style, direction and order that best matches the look of your site.
  • Publish the module.

Do you know an easier way to add social networks to a site?

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EasySocial - Social Networking for Joomla Released!

We're very happy for Andrew Rogers, CEO of Stackideas, and his team for the release of EasySocial--now available for download.

According to Andrew, "It was a gruelling task of building the next best social networking extension for Joomla with over 14,000 commits. This is proof of how much dedication we had put in to give you only the best tool..."  

Andrew shares some of EasySocial's cool features:

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Helium, a FREE Lightweight HTML Editor

Helium, HTML Editor for Joomla

Helium, our new & FREE lightweight HTML Editor is here and ready for download.

Anyone that's read about our Wright Framework knows that we like our products to be light. From it's inception, Helium was no different. This new Joomla Extension was designed to be light, reliable, and simple to install, use, and maintain. The name says it all.

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EasySocial - Better Social Networking for Joomla

We are delighted to share with you the status of the upcoming Joomla extension "EasySocial" by StackIdeas--a company we trust. Andrew Rogers, the main man in StackIdeas for all customer relationships, partner collaborations, marketing ideas and sales promotions, has shared the following sneak peek:

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New Joomla Extension - Easy Social Icons

New Joomla Extension Release

Easy Social Icons is the first of many new Joomla Extensions we will release this year. Our Joomlashack Extensions were designed by Joomla Professionals to make running Joomla Sites Easier and more productively. Our Joomla Extensions provide you with the kind of tools, service, and benefits that you WISH you could use in EVERY site you build.

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