All the Joomla News for January 2024

All the Joomla News for January 2024

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What's Next for Joomla in 2024?

The Joomla team is now on a 6 month release cycle. Joomla 5 was released in October, so we're expecting Joomla 5.1 in mid-April. There are also many different events to look forward to. Philip Walton wrote a guide to what's happening with Joomla in 2024.
Read about Joomla in 2024

Review of the New Book: Developing Extensions for Joomla 5

Carlos Camara has published a new book that shows you how to develop your own Joomla 5 extensions. The book takes you from the initial stages of planning your extension development to a fully featured finished product. Dan Atrill wrote a review of the book for the Joomla Magazine.
See the book review

Video: How Joomla Works - A Guide for Extension Developers

Robbie Jackson has a very helpful video that describes how Joomla handles an HTTP request in order to respond with a website page. It's an overview particularly aimed at anyone who is looking to develop a Joomla extension.

Watch Robbie's video

Add User Avatars to the Joomla Admin Template

Christiane Maier-Stadtherr has a useful tip for Joomla 5 users, and this also shows you how to modify the Joomla admin template. Christiane explains how to show the avatar of the logged-in user inside your admin area.
See Christiane's admin area tutorial

A New Joomla Translation Tool from the European Commission

This is an odd one that I don't know much about yet. I found it by browsing the "New" area of the Joomla Extensions Directory. Apparently the European Commission has released a Joomla 5 extension that "automates new and existing content translations into multiple languages, eliminating the need for complex editing interfaces".
See the new translation extension

Check out the TemplateJoomla Blog

Daniel at TemplateJoomla is currently the most prolific blogger in the Joomla community. He published half-a-dozen articles in January, showing how to build restaurant, news, political, eCommerce websites and more.
See Daniel's recent posts

Video: How to Turn Off the "Joomla 5 is Here" Notification

Tim Davis says, "If you are stuck in Joomla 4 because your web host is not ready to support Joomla 5, or you have another reason, and want to turn off the "Joomla 5 is here" reminder at the top of your admin area, here's how to do it!"
Watch Tim disable the Joomla 5 message

Show Related Articles for Each Author

Daniel Dubois has an interesting suggestion for how to use the "keyword" field in Joomla. This field isn't used for SEO now, but it can be used for other purposes. Daniel shows how to use this field to show related articles written by the author of the current post.
See Daniel's keyword tutorial

Video: How to Reset Accessibility Tool Changes in Joomla

Tim Davis says, "If you get lost in some of the screen view changes you make with Joomla's accessibility tool, there is a quick way to set things back to original and start over."
Watch Tim's Accessibility video

J and Beyond is Returning in May

For many years, J and Beyond was the biggest European Joomla conference. The event stopped during COVID, but is returning this year. It will be held on May 17 to 19 in Potsdam, Germany.
The official J and Beyond site

Video: Using Save and Copy to Make a New Joomla Article

Tim Davis says, "If you are making new Joomla articles using the "Save as Copy" tool, there is something important you need to know - at least for now."
Watch Tim's Save and Copy advice