The Best Tutorials on Joomla Template Overrides

The Best Tutorials on Joomla Template Overrides

One of the most frequently asked questions by Joomlashack member is this. "How can I change the layout of Joomla content?"

The technique that allows you to do that without touching your Joomla core files is called "templates overrides". If you're new to "overrides", check out this introductory tutorial.

The Joomlashack team has written a lot about template overrides. Following is a list of our blog posts, in which we covered Joomla templates overrides.

  1. A Beginners Guide to Joomla Overrides. This post has succinct definitions of the What, Where, Who and How of Joomla template overrides. This is followed by the step-by-step hands-on tutorial. Learn how to create a template override for Joomla modules, components, and languages.
  2. The New Joomla 3 Template Manager. This blog post explains how to create Joomla overrides from inside Joomla's Template Manager. You can conveniently see all the files and folders you need to create Joomla overrides, right inside Joomla's Template Manager. 
  3. Template Overrides for Specific Joomla Articles. This tutorial builds on the two previous blog posts. Follow Valentin's instructions, and learn how you can easily change a layout of Joomla articles.
  4. The Easiest Way to Create Template Overrides in Joomla 3. Nick show you a super-simple way to create template overrides folders and files. You can use these to change your article layout.
  5. How to Simplify the Joomla Registration Form. This post offers another hands-on tutorial on how you can make the most of Joomla template overrides. Learn how you can simplify your Joomla default registration form, ending up with just three fields, "Username", "Password" and "Email address", instead of six.
  6. Supercharge Your Joomla Page Views With Pagination. This tutorial shows you how to split one article into many pages, using page breaks and a simple template override. 
  7. How to Correctly Duplicate a Joomla Template. Many of our OSTraining members make the same mistake: they modify their core Joomla template files directly and lose their changes, once they update their Joomla to newly released Joomla. Learn here how to avoid this mistake.
  8. How to Add Microdata to Articles in Joomla 3. Starting from Joomla 3.3, you can add micro data to your Joomla articles and help search engines learn about them more. If your template doesn't support micro data, learn in this post how you can do just that.
  9. Joomla Video Slideshows with OSYouTube and Flexslider. Does your website need a cool slideshow, displaying video clips? If it does, then visit this blog post and learn how to create such slideshow with the combination of OSYouTube, FlixSlider and template overrides technique.
  10. Custom Blog Layouts in Joomla with Menu Item Type Support. Joomla can be used as blog out of the box. But what if you want to keep default layout for some of your Joomla blog pages but new, your own one - for others. Learn in this tutorial how to do just that.
  11. Joomla Video Grids with OSYouTube and Template Overrides If your website needs a nicely organized in grids gallery of video clips, then the best way to create it is to install OSYouTube plug-in and apply Joomla template overrides. Repeat, step by step, this tutorial and you will create a nice looking video gallery in no time.
  12. Add Images to Joomla's Most Read Module. Joomla's "Most Read" core module is a great way to display to your website visitors web links to the most popular articles. Would you like to add to those web links images, stored in each article introductory text? In this post, you will see how.
  13. Create a Joomla Category List with Images. This is another simple example of Joomla template overrides technique at work. Learn with Viviana how to use overrides to add images next to each listed category in Joomla default category pages.

If you'd like to learn Joomla template overrides in greater detail, subscribe for our comprehensive video class "Template Overrides for Joomla", by Barb Ackemann.