Absolute Beginners Guide to Inbound Marketing Buyer Personas

Inbound Marketing graphic representation

In our previous post, you had an overview of what the Inbound Marketing Lead Stages are. You learned how to classify your leads in each of them.

But before you start an Inbound Marketing campaign aimed at your leads, there is something important you must do.

In this video (14:08), you will learn what buyer persona is, how to create one and why it is so important.

Everything you would do in your Inbound Marketing efforts must be based on buyer personas. They are the very heart of Inbound Marketing.

What Is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your real life ideal would-be customer.

It could be based on one of your existing customers. Or, if you are just starting with a new product, it could be based on a marketing research aimed at the new product.

Ultimately, your buyer persona is a detailed description of a person on whom you will be focusing your marketing efforts.

It includes everything related to who and what your ideal would-be customer is. This is the very person you would like to see at the bottom of your sales funnel.

Great marketing communicates to people on a more personal level than just around your products.

Besides their demographic and psychographic profile, you will need to look at two more aspects. One is their pains. Another one is their goals.

Watch the video to learn in more detail what buyer persona is, how to create it and why it is important to your Inbound Marketing.

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