Program Joomla Articles to Be Published in Future

One of the most useful content management features in Joomla is the "Start Publishing" option.

Start publishing allows us to decide the date when an existing article will be published automatically in future. This allows you to create time-sensitive content before you need it, and thus, you can publish it while you're still in bed or on vacation.

In this post, I'm going to explain how you can schedule articles to be published in the future.

Step #1. Create a new article

  1. Go to Content
  2. Articles
  3. Add New Article

Add a new Joomla article

  • Now create your Joomla article. Fill in all the details such as title, content, category and more.

Step #2. Set the start publishing date

Let's define the future date when you want this article to be available for your site's visitors.

  • Go to the Publishing tab.
  • Choose a date in the Start Publishing field

Schedule a Joomla article to publish in the future

Optional: if you want to define a date to unpublish the article, select a date in the Finish Publishing field.

Schedule a Joomla article to unpublish in the future

  • Click "Save & Close" when you're done.

Step #3. End result

If everything was setup correctly, the article will be published automatically based on the "Start publishing" option.

In your Joomla articles screen, your content will show a yellow exclamation mark. You'll also see a tooltip with the status "Published, but is Pending" and the date the article will appear on your site.

a pending article in Joomla

If an article has a Finished Publishing date that has passed, you'll see a yellow clock icon. You'll also see a tooltip with the status "Published, but has Expired", together with both the start and finish publishing dates.

an expired article in Joomla

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