You Can Now Safely Create Custom Template Overrides in Wright

Custom Template Overrides in Wright

Starting in Wright 3.6, you can safely add custom template overrides to the Wright base template and our commercial templates

This will make possible to tweak the templates without touching the core Wright files, and protect your changes for future Wright updates.

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How to Customize Joomla Articles with the Wright Framework

How to customize your Joomla articles with Joomlashack Wright template

Joomlashack's Wright free template framework is responsive, light, fast and easy-to-use. Wright makes it easier to customize your website's look and feel.

In this post, you will learn how to customize the design of Joomla articles, even if you don't know CSS or HTML.

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The Wright Framework Works with Joomla 4!

Hey, Wright (Almost) Works with Joomla 4!

Here at Joomlashack, we use the Wright Framework to build great Joomla templates.

Wright currently works perfectly with Joomla 3 websites.

However, we had no idea whether it would work on Joomla 4. After all, Joomla 4 isn't even in alpha yet. And future Joomla updates have always been complicated. Surely the move to Joomla 4 would be difficult?

We were wrong. Moving Wright to Joomla 4 was surprisingly easy.

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Improved RTL Support for the Wright Framework

Wright Now Supports Joomla Update System

All our templates are built using the Wright Framework so we are constantly updating it and adding features. We just released version 3.3 of the Wright framework, and in addition to several improvements and bug fixes, it now includes improved RTL support.

If your website has text oriented from right to left (mostly likely you're using a language such as Hebrew and Arabic), then Wright is now better able to follow this approach.

Read more about what makes the Wright Framework unique.

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Using Phing with the Wright Framework to Get a Working Joomla Template

Wright Now Supports Joomla Update System

Wright is the template framework we use at Joomlashack to create our commercial templates. We are always making it a little more awesome.

In this post, we will show you the process we follow to generate a working Joomla template by using Phing in combination with the Wright repository from Github, plus how to add your custom styles.

Read more about what makes the Wright Framework unique.

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You Can Now Get Easy Updates for the Wright Framework

Wright Now Supports Joomla Update System

The Wright framework is the base of our Joomla templates

Wright is bootstrapped, responsive and lightweight. You can learn more about it and why it's unique in a world of everything-but-the-kitchen-sink bloated frameworks. You can also download it for free from this page.

Despite it's lightness, like many Joomla templates, updating Wright was not a straight-forward and easy process. You had to update Wright manually, by downloading the latest version from Joomlashack. So many of our customers never saw the benefits of Wright's updates and bug-fixes.

We have just released Wright 3.2, and this version uses Joomla update system. It now super easy to update your template when a new version of Wright is available.

Read more about what makes the Wright Framework unique.

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Wright Template Framework v.3.1.3 released

A new update for the Wright Joomla Template Framework

We are very excited.  It's now been a year since we released Wright v3.0 on the first week of September 2012. During the past year, Wright has benefited from more changes, updates, and work than it had during the previous two years. This increased focus on Wright is mostly due to our commitment to deliver better, more reliable, and ever lighter Joomla Templates. 

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Heavy Wright customizations within minutes

Heavy Wright customizations within minutes

Did you know that Wright v.3 is all based in Bootstrap? And did you know that Bootstrap is all based in LESS rather than simple CSS? And, are you aware of the benefits of using the Wright Framerwork to create your template?

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Wright Framework Updates & Adoption


Wright Responsive-01

A great Joomla Template Framework that keeps getting better!

Last August we announced a major update to our Wright Template Framework. Since that time we've continued to do periodic updates to bring more stability and bug fixes, and seen some exciting adoptions of Wright from Joomla community members and companies.

This week I'm excited to announce the upcoming release of Wright v3.1, which includes some great new features, and equally as excited to share an interview with yet another Joomla community member who's adopted Wright for all of his work, Nick Savov.

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Red Goes Wright


Wright is moving right along these days, seeing great improvements to stability as well as some upcoming exciting enhancements (think full LESS support). It's no wonder that powerhouse Joomla company RedComponent, one of the largest Joomla companies in the world (if not THE largest), has decided to adopt Wright for all of their template and project needs!

We had a chance to ask owner Ronni Christiansen a few questions about why his company chose Wright:

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