Here's Why We Use Recurring Subscriptions at Joomlashack

Recurring Subscriptions are Key for Sustainable Joomla Businesses

It's not easy to build a strong and sustainable business.

That's true whether your business is in construction, retail, food, farming, or any other industry.

It's definitely not easy to build a strong and sustainable business in Joomla. The platform is over 10 years old and the user-base is active, but not growing quickly.

However, over the last two years, we've managed to grow Joomlashack. Our revenues have doubled every six months. This enables us to add more developers and support staff, plus push out frequent product updates. 94% of Joomlashack tickets get a reply inside 3 hours, and 90% of users say the support is "great".

Yes, we have some good extensions and templates, but one thing has made that growth possible: recurring subscriptions.

Some customers are upset about this, so I want to talk through the reasons behind this decision.

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How to Fix the "Cannot write to log file" Error in Joomla

How to Fix the "Cannot write to log file" Error in Joomla

A number of our students have had an error message occur inside Joomla:

"Cannot write to log file"

Here's how the error message appears inside their Joomla administrator area:

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How to Use K2 Sub-Templates in Joomla

What K2 Sub-Templates Are and How To Create Them

Joomla provides you with a powerful and safe way to override your site's default HTML layouts.

Why does it matter to you? Making changes to Joomla's core files is often necessary.

The wrong way is to directly edit Joomla's files. If you do, you'll lose all your changes when you next update your site.

The right way is to use an override. You can place copies of any layout file into your /templates/ folder. Joomla checks this folder first before loading the original files and if it finds these files present, it uses them instead of the core files. If you're new to using overrides, check out OSTraining which has 13 great tutorials on using template overrides.

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How to Remove .html in Joomla's URLs

How to Remove .html in Joomla's URLs

One Joomlashack University student was wondering how to remove the .html at the end of his URLs.

This tutorial will show you how to do that and provide a useful SEO tip.

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How to Disable XML Styling in OSMap

How to Disable XML Styling in OSMap

One of our members was having trouble submitting his sitemap to Google. The message displayed at Google was:

"Your Sitemap appears to be an HTML page. Please use a supported sitemap format instead."

This tutorial will show you how to disable XML styling in OSMap, which should fix the issue. Let's get started.

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A New Version of Joomla 3 Explained is Coming

A New Version of Joomla 3 Explained is Coming

The team behind Joomlashack wrote the most popular Joomla books.

  • Joomla Explained was published in 2011 and focused on Joomla 2.5.
  • Joomla 3 Explained was published in 2013 and focused on Joomla 3.

These books sold well over 10,000 copies each. However, we haven't been able to release an update in recent years. Finally, that's going to change.

Why release a Joomla 3 Explained update?

There are several good reasons to release a new version now:

  • Joomla 3.7 will bring major changes with fields, multi-lingual changes.
  • After 4 years, the book badly needs an update. The book is actually being used in classrooms around the world. I'm embarrassed to even think about what the students must think.
  • The Joomla certification project is underway, and there needs to be affordable, high-quality study materials.
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OSYouTube Free and Pro, Version 3.3.3

How to Mute YouTube Videos in Joomla Articles

This week we released OSYouTube Free and Pro plug-in versions 3.3.3.

OSYouTube 3.3.3 is a maintenance releases, fixing minor issues.

OSYouTube Pro 3.3.3 adds a new feature: muting videos.

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Civic 2, a New Version of Our Joomla Video Template

Civic 2, a New Version of Our Minimalist Video Joomla Template

We released a new version of Civic, a Joomla template that's perfect for several types of websites, especially those that rely on video.

Many video displays are hard-to-configure, so we focused on making Civic as simple as possible. Especially for Civic, we added a new "mute" feature in the OSYouTube plugin. This makes it easy to have a beautiful, and silent, video on your homepage.

Additionally, Civic is now compatible with the very last version of the Wright framework.

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OSTimer Free 2.8.3 and Pro 2.9.1 Released

OSTimer Free and Pro New Releases

We would like to notify OSTimer users that we just released OSTimer Free v.2.8.3 and OSTimer Pro v.2.9.1. Both are maintenance releases dealing with minor fixes.

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OSCampus 1.1.1 is Now Available

Maintenance Release of  OSCampus 1.1.1

We are happy to announce immediate release of OSCampus v.1.1.1.

This is a useful new release which introduces some enhancements, as well as ensures compatibility with Joomla 3.7.

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