New Feature in OSMeta: Meta Description Limit Increased to 320 Characters

OSMeta 320 Character Limit Anouncement post image
We are happy to announce the release of OSMeta 1.4.6. This release increases the character limit for the meta description field from 160 to 320 characters.

In this blog post, you will take a look at this new feature. Beginners to Joomla metadata will also learn what metadata is and how to use it.

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Joomlashack Has Acquired jInbound for Joomla Marketing Automation

Joomlashack Has Acquired jInbound for Joomla Marketing Automation

Joomlashack creates extensions and templates to make your Joomla sites better.

Over the last 11 years, the Joomlashack team have built popular and powerful extensions including OSMapOSEmbedOSMeta and OSCampus.

Joomlashack has also successfully acquired JCal Pro and Tabs and Sliders from other developers.

Today we’re delighted to announce another acquisition that allows Joomlashack to move closer to being a one-stop destination for all your Joomla needs.

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Introducing New Reports in OSCampus

Introducing Statistics Frontend Feature in OSCampus Pro 1.1.8

OSCampus is the best and easiest choice for a Learning Management System in Joomla. It's the software we use to support 10,000's of users at

The latest version of OSCampus adds great new reporting features.

In this post, we'll show you how the OSCampus statistics and reporting features work.

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Sarah Watz from Pixpro Labs Interviewing Steve Burge

Sarah Watz from Pixpro Labs Interviewing Steve Burge

This week, and owner Steve Burge took part in an online live show with Sarah Watz from Pixpro Labs. Sarah runs her weekly Live Show to help Joomla business owners learn from others and make their businesses more successful.

In his candid interview with Sarah, Steve lays bare how he moved his career from a teacher to a web designer and eventually to online training provider. You will also hear about one business decision that helped him turn Joomlashack from being on the verge of bankruptcy to a steadily growing Joomla extensions business. 

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New Feature: OSDownloads Pro Now Has Custom Fields For User Information

New Feature: OSDownloads Pro Has Custom Forms

Over the last couple of months we've been working really hard on improvements to OSDownloads.

OSDownloads is the easiest way to add downloads to Joomla.

What are the new features in OSDownloads?

We've added email notifications for downloads, improved the URL structure, and enabled custom fields for download files. Starting today, you can also use custom fields for user submissions, so you can collect more information from visitors who download files.

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How to Modify the Date Displayed on K2 Content Items

What K2 Sub-Templates Are and How To Create Them

One of our Spanish-speaking customers needed to hide the hour and minutes displayed by K2 items.

By default, Joomla content doesn't display the time. So the customer wanted their K2 dates to match the normal Joomla articles on their site.

In this tutorial, you will learn to use a language override to achieve this.

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Free Tickets to Meet Joomlashack at JoomlaDay Florida 2018

Come Meet Joomlashack at Joomla Day Florida

Are you feeling cold this week? The absolute best remedy is a trip to Florida.  

Why not plan to meet us in Florida for JoomlaDay Florida in March?

The annual JoomlaDay Florida will be in Tampa, on Friday, March 2nd, Saturday, March 3rd and Sunday, March 4th.

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Keep Your Favicon During Joomlashack Template Update

Custom Template Overrides in Wright

We recently introduced the ability to update Joomlashack template from your admin area. The launch was smooth, but there was one reported issue.

When updating, custom favicons were getting overwritten. Not anymore - Joomlashack templates will automatically preserve your favicon when you update the template.

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Joomlashack's 2017 Review and 2018 Preview

js 2017 review

Happy New Year, everyone.

Our team took over Joomlashack 18 months ago.

Ever since the takeover, people have been asking me questions like these:

  • "Is it worth building a Joomla business?"
  • "Do people still use Joomla?"
  • "Is anyone creating cool things for Joomla users?"

My answers are always an emphatic "Yes".

In this review, I'll explain why we're really confident for Joomla and Joomlashack in 2018.

Let's first see what happened in 2017, and then we'll see the plans for 2018.

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Important: OSDownloads Has New URLs

OSDownloads Upcoming Release

OSDownloads is the easiest way to add downloads to Joomla. It makes it easy for you to collect an email address in exchange for downloads.

Over the last couple of months we've been working really hard on improvements to OSDownloads. These changes bring a lot of changes requested by OSDownloads users.

You'll see these changes in OSDownloads Free 1.8 and OSDownloads Pro 1.11.

In this blog post I'm going to give you an overview of the changes you'll see, including new URLs.

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