Getting Started with OSCampus

In this getting started guide, you'll see how to add an online training to your site using OSCampus.

OSCampus is organized in a very simple way. Classes contain Lessons. Everything is a secondary feature, so we'll focus on setting up those core elements.

Video guide to OSCampus

Step #1. Download and Install OSCampus

If you are an OSCampus Pro member, or an Extension Club member, login to Joomlashack and download OSCampus.

If you want to test the videos or media embeds in lessons, download and install one of these useful extensions:

If you wish, instead of the above extensions, use any Joomla plugin that shows videos or media.

Step #2. Create a Class

  • Go to Components > OSCampus and you'll find the main screen.

Create your first class:

  • Make sure "Classes" is selected in the left menu.
  • Click "New".
Creating a new class in OSCampus

You can now set up your class. The main settings will be on the first page:

  • Title: your class title.
  • Teacher: you can add these via the main OSCampus page in the image above.
  • Image: you can upload a main class image here.
  • Pathways: these work in a very similar way to core Joomla categories.
  • Tags: these work in a very similar way to core Joomla tags.
  • Length: you can tell people how long the class will take to complete.
  • Difficulty: currently available options are Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.
  • Release: the publication date of the class.
  • Description: click the tab and enter your class description.
The new class creation page in OSCampus

Step #3. Create lessons

Now we can create lessons for this class.

  • Click "Lessons" in the left menu.
  • Click "New".

Here are the key things to enter:

  • Title: The name of this lesson
  • Class: Choose the class you created earlier
  • Module: Use this to divide up the lessons into shorter modules.
  • Lesson Type: This will depend on the video extensions you have installed. If you have OSEmbed, choose "URL Embed".
lesson type

If you choose "URL Embed", and click "Save", you'll then be asked to enter a Video URL under the "Content" tab.

osembed field
Here's how a YouTube video looks inside that field:
youtube in oscampus

If you create several lessons, you'll see them organized on the "Lessons" page, as in the image below:

A list of lessons in OSCampus

Step #4. Create a Menu Link

Read our detailed tutorial "How to Create a Menu Item for an OSCampus Class" to learn how to create a menu item for your OSCampus class.

Save the menu link and visit the front of your site. You'll see a preview of the class. Click the title to see the full class overview, or click "Start this class" to go directly to the first video.

New classes created in OSCampus

This image below shows the full class overview:

A class layout page in OSCampus

Here are more tutorials you can now take to learn OSCampus: