Guides to Get You Started With Shack Forms

Guides to Get You Started With Shack Forms

Our "Shack Forms" Joomla extension will allow you to create contact forms, booking forms, support ticket forms, and many other types of forms.

This forms extension has 10,000's of users, with more than 300 reviews and a perfect 10/10 score on the JED. 

To help Joomlashack members get started with Shack Forms, we've been writing a lot of Shack Forms documentation.

In this post, I'm going to give you an overview of the most useful new tutorials.

Tutorials for new Shack Forms users

4 tutorials for Shack Forms beginners

If this is your first time using Shack Forms, these tutorials will get you started:

Tutorials for displaying your Shack Forms

4 tutorials for designing Your Shack Forms

These tutorials will show you several different ways to display and load your forms:

Tutorials for customizing Shack Forms emails

4 tutorials for customizing Shack Forms emails

Once someone has submitted a contact form using your Shack Form, let's see what you can do with the data you collect:

Cool extra features in Shack Forms

4 cool extra features in Shack Forms

Now that you know the basics of Shack Forms, it's time to explore it a bit deeper.

More about Shack Forms

There's lots of Shack Forms documentation available, plus this video is a guide to getting started with Shack Forms:

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