Techie - A Refined and Trendy Responsive Template

Our new Trendy & Responsive Joomla Template

Using the top trends for this summer 2014 for inspiration, Techie has a simplistic and minimalist view without loosing the full complexity your site may need. Its the template you have been waiting your next app, component, software or any other technology. It makes for a great event and corporate site too.

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Hook 'Em and Sink 'Em: Examples of Effective Landing Pages (And Why They Work)

There is no shortage of landing pages on the web. From eCommerce to news to lifestyle sites, there remain very few name brand sites that haven't caught on to the idea of directing action with strategic landing pages. 

Still, many newbies are unsure what differentiates an OK and a great landing page. While there are countless wonderful articles out there about the guidelines for creating a killer landing page, I always find it best to learn by example.

Thus, here's a look at some effective landing pages, and a quick assessment of what they're doing right:

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The Top 5 Inbound Marketing Myths - Debunked

Inbound has literally taken off since it stepped on the scene. You've probably seen it mentioned online, heard about it at conferences, and maybe even done some research yourself.

And you're not alone - the word is out about Inbound Marketing, and people are looking to find out more.

We can see this clearly evidenced on Google trends, which shows an incredible spike in search interest for the term "Inbound Marketing" over the past seven years:

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How to Pick the Right Social Networks to be Active On

As a marketer, or even a small business owner (in that case you probably play the role of the marketer too) it can be a little overwhelming when deciding which social networks you need to be active on.

So, stop stressing out and repeatedly asking yourself these dreaded questions - Do I need to be on every single social network out there? Is having a presence on all of them that valuable? Do I have enough time for all of this?

Let's talk about where you should start.

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The Best Content Download Ideas You've Missed

Those who are familiar with Inbound marketing know that content plays an essential role in the success of any campaign. 

If you're new to the world of content marketing, you may be unsure what to write about. If you're a veteran, your idea well may be running dry. 

Either way, I guarantee you'll find some inspiration in the content download ideas below:

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3 Tips for an Effective Landing Page

Whether users are browsing via mobile or desktop, having a striking and easily understood landing page is vital for your clients' site and or business. The landing page is the first exposure to the site. As such, it's your opportunity to communicate the client's brand in a way that's memorable and useful. Here are some tips for creating a useful and unforgettable landing page that enables the site's traffic to navigate it as you intended while it acomplishes your client's objectives: builds their brand, generates leads, and increases their visibility.

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Call to Action Placement on Your Joomla Website

You hear about call-to-actions all the time. If you work in this industry, you probably hear, "what's the call-to-action," "where is the call-to-action," "we need a stronger call-to-action" on a regular basis. And, it makes sense, having a fully successful website revolves around them.

The whole purpose of a call-to-action is to get your visitors to do something other than just stop by your site. call-to-actions are the link between a page with information that your visitors are interested in, to a page with a higher value offer on it to help convert visitors into leads.

But where is the best placement of your call-to-actions on your Joomla website to get those visitors to notice and take action? Let's explore.

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Content Marketing

It's no surprise that content marketing is on the rise - one survey found that 61% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that deliver custom content. Furthermore, the average cost per lead of inbound and content marketing is less than half that of traditional outbound efforts. 

With so much buzz around the topic, we're seeing the time invested in content marketing take off. Unfortunately, not all content is good content. 

If you'd like to avoid some classic content marketing mistakes and create the type that truly converts, read on to discover the 7 Deadly Sins of Content Marketing.

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How to Get Started with Marketing Automation

By now, you know that marketing automation has the power to skyrocket your lead conversions and transform your sales cycle.

While the benefits of Inbound marketing automation are vast, there's one big thing holding a lot of companies back from implementing it: where do we start?

If you're interested in getting started with automation but unsure of how to prepare your team and process, check out this infographic from Sparksight:

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5 Tips to Ease a Joomla Site Launch and Client Handoff

For all of the effort that goes into wire-framing, designing, and developing a Joomla site, you'd think the launch day would be a time of celebration and pride. But as just about any Joomla pro will agree, most site launches are characterized by little sleep, excessive caffeine, and terrifying calls with the client. 

Fortunately, the site launch doesn't have to be such a scary cycle. In fact, with proper planning and a structure to the handoff, launching a Joomla site can actually be the idyllic celebration you'd hoped for. Keep reading to find out how you can get there.

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