OSDownloads Export Email and Sort Files

One of our most popular extensions, OSDownloads, just got some great new features added to it. Including some bug-fixes, the new version allows you to export emails and sort the files. osdownloads

New releases for both versions, Free and Pro, are now available.

Read on to find out more...

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OSMap and OSContent Bug Fixes

We have just released OSMap 3.1.6 and OSContent 1.10.3 addressing improvements to input sanitizing and other bug-fixes. 


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Joomla user registration plugin released for automated marketing tool

add user

Today we published new plugin for the jInbound — the User Registration add-on.

This plugin automatically creates a new Joomla user when a lead submits a landing page. 

Full details can be found in the jInbound documentation.

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AcyMailing plugin updated with opt-in support


Today we published new a release for the jInbound Acymailing plugin (version 1.0.2).

This release adds an important feature: the ability for leads to opt-in to the AcyMailing lists.   

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Auto-populate fields with the latest jInbound release

auto-populate fields

Today we published new a release for jInbound (version 2.1.3).

This release fixes a number of bugs in the core and some plugins, but also include a new feature where custom URLs can be used to auto-populate the fields on a landing page.   

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What NOT To Do When Marketing Your Joomla Site

What NOT To Do When Marketing Your Joomla Site

Marketing your Joomla website is very important and making sure to do it well is the key.

Making errors when you are trying to attract visitors is the last thing that you want to do. If you want to ensure success when marketing your site, you should avoid all of the following mistakes.

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12 Free Joo­mla Templates for June

Check out this collection of 12 free Joomla templates that will help you bring your site up to date. All the samples are gathered from only trusted designers, so you can be sure of their quality.

In this selection you’ll find a variety of solutions for almost any kind of business whether it is a corporate site or an online store.

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The Biggest Problem With Landing Pages And How To Fix It

The Biggest Problem With Landing Pages And How To Fix It

If you have been wondering why your landing pages are not increasing your conversions like you had hoped for, the problem is most likely the same one that hinders many others - content.

When there are issues with the content, there is no way that your page will appeal to a large number of people.

Here are a few things that will help you get this in order.

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OSMap Gets Installer and Image Map Improvements

osmapThanks to all of you who have been using OSMap since it's launch.

This week have a new round of improvements for you. Most notably, OSMap Pro now creates a more complete sitemap.

There are a lot of bug fixes, small improvement and OSMap also supports more extensions.

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OSDownloads Supports Constant Contact and Multiple Lists

osdownloadsWe have just released OSDownloads 1.4 with several great new features.

OSDownloads Pro now supports Constant Contact, in addition to MailChimp.

Also, if you're using OSDownloads Pro, you can now automatically add visitors to one of many mailing lists.

Read on to find our more about these new features ...

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