5 Joomla Web Marketing Mistakes

Marketing your Joomla website is essential, but there are a number of mistakes that many marketers make.

These things can slow the growth of your online business, and lead to a lack of sales and poor performance.

This article will cover the 5 main mistakes that will destroy a good website.

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4 Tips for Successful Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing allows webmasters to utilize trends in customer behavior. This information helps webmasters boost their site's visibility while engaging with their customer base.

This ongoing engagement builds trust, fosters relationships, and helps ensure that website visitors are taking the action a site owner wants them to.

There are numerous ways to optimize a site's inbound marketing funnel, including the following tips:

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4 Tips for Digital Marketers

Believe it or not, but back in the day, marketing was centered around advertising in offline magazines and newspapers or cold calling businesses out of nowhere.

In today's digital age, these marketing tactics and strategies are like dinosaurs. This is due to the Internet and its increasing adoption rate.

It seems like everyone and their grandmother is now using the Internet for all kinds of reasons. Not to mention, smartphones, tablets, and other consumer devices are hitting the market at a feverish pace.

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Inbound Marketing: Why Should You Even Care?

Everyone is talking about Inbound Marketing.

What is it? How Does it Work? It it right for you?

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The Alledia Launch Offer: Great Deals Until December 31

Alledia Launch

Welcome to the official launch of Alledia.com!

2 months ago, we put this site back online and explained our plans to launch 6 Pro extensions. All 6 Pro extensions are now available:

  1. OSDownloads Pro: the easiest way to add downloads to Joomla
  2. OSMeta Pro: the easiest way to add metadata to Joomla
  3. OSContent Pro: the easiest way to add content to Joomla
  4. OSYouTube Pro: the easiest way to add YouTube videos to Joomla
  5. OSVimeo Pro: the easiest way to add Vimeo videos to Joomla
  6. OSWistia Pro: the easiest way to add Wistia videos to Joomla

Can you see the pattern? We're aiming to make Joomla easier to use.

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OSDownloads Pro is Here With Many New Features

OSDownloadsOSDownloads is the easiest way to add downloads to Joomla.

We're really happy to announce that we've given the extension a complete overhaul and also have OSDownloads Pro available.

There's no part of OSDownloads that isn't better with today's release. We've improved the user interface. We've added features. We've cleaned up the code. By a long distance, this is the biggest ever update for OSDownloads.

Here's an overview of what's new in OSDownloads:

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New OSContent Pro with K2 Support

k2OSContent is the easiest way to quickly add content to Joomla.

Now, with the arrival of OSContent Pro, it's also the easiest way to add content to K2.

For a long time, OSContent has allowed to create or delete Joomla articles and categories. Now, you can create or delete K2 content in the same easy way.

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OSWistia Adds Playback Speed Controls

OSWistiaIf you use Wistia to show Joomla videos on your site, we have a treat for you this week.

OSWistia Pro now allows your users to control the speed of videos on your site.

This feature works with Chrome, Safari and recent versions of Internet Explorer. It will also support Firefox when version 35 is released in January.

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Élan - New Minimal and Elegant Template

Élan - A New Mininal and Elegant Template

Élan was specifically design for the kind of business that appreciate simplicity as a first view. Combine with elegance, which is everything in a design, they help to communicate better an idea. Élan combines perfectly both trends and gives a wide space for images and clean blogs. In a couple of minutes, you will build a modern elegant corporate site with simple clicks.

6 Color Options & 14 module positions

Élan comes with 6 color themes in calid and vivid tones. The versatility Élan will give to any web developer will let them choose between 14 different module positions that easy lets your website with a trendy new look.

Elan ColorOptions

Easy Setup: a Quicklauncher with ALL the Demo Content

With Joomlashack's Quicklauncher, you can download and install Élan as a Joomla installation with the template and content pre-configured as it looks and works on our demo*.

* Note: The quicklauncher was not designed to aid with updating existing sites. It is only suitable for new installations. 

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OSMeta Pro is Here with K2 Support

k2OSMeta is the easiest way to add metadata to Joomla.

By far the most common request we've had from OSMeta is users support for the K2 extension.

Today we're really happy to release a Pro version of OSMeta with support for K2. You can now easily add metadata to all your K2 items from just one screen.

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