OSpam-a-not: Our New Joomla Spam-Fighting Extension

OSpam-a-notWe're Knights of the Round Table,
We dance when ere we're able,
We do routines and chorus scenes
With footwork impeccable.
We dine well here in Camelot,
We eat ham and jam and spam a lot.
--Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Last year at OSTraining.com, we started using an unobtrusive technique on some of our web forms in an attempt to stop the flood of spambots submitting junk on those forms. It worked better than we could have hoped and we've been talking about turning it into a Joomla! plugin ever since.

With apologies to Monty Python we are calling it OSpam-a-not.

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New sorting options and mail sync highlighted in jInbound 2.0.9

sorting improved in jInbound

Today we released a new version 2.0.9 of jInbound, the first of many for 2015. 

This version introduces support for syncing leads with MailChimp, the popular Email service provider. A dedicated plugin has been released for this purpose.

In addition, we've added some really useful filters to the Lead Manager.

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Sync leads with Mailchimp plugin

mailchimp plugin for jInbound

We are excited today to announce that the leads you capture through jInbound can now be synced to your MailChimp account.

Once you install the MailChimp plugin for jInbound, you will see a new tab in your Campaign parameters.

As you can see in the screenshot, you can select the mailing list(s) and groups/segments to which new jInbound leads will be added.

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Joomla Marketing Tips and Core Strategies

If you are using a Joomla platform to market your services or products online, then you already know you have a very powerful system in place.

However, that is only part of the equation. You also need to know the most crucial internet marketing strategies, in order to make the most of your marketing efforts.

Here are the things you should be implementing:

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Joomla Inbound Marketing Tips

Inbound Marketing is effectively marketing where your customers are and giving them the information they need and thus is easily the most effective form of online marketing out there. It trumps outbound marketing by far.

However, implementing an effective inbound marketing strategy can be more difficult than it seems. Below we will discuss some of the best Joomla inbound marketing tips known to man.

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The Future of XMap

xmapThere is something unique for me about XMap.

We first used XMap back in 2007 and we're still running XMap on OSTraining.com in 2015.

I can't think of very few other Joomla extensions that have been so useful for so long. We hope we're able to use XMap for a long time to come.

But, XMap development isn't moving forward. The last major release was version 2.3 back in 2012. The last minor update was in the summer of 2013.

We'd love to help move XMap forward.

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The Winning Mindset For Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the newest, latest term for "passive" online marketing.

In contrast to outbound marketing, (i.e. going out and hunting down customers) it involves tempting customers to come to the marketers by building attractive online presences.

In other words, it's one of the primary ways online marketers have been operating for many, many years.

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I'm So Very Happy With the New OSMeta

osmetaAbout a year ago we ran into a serious SEO problem at OSTraining.com.

We had 1000's of articles and menu links. We had too much content and trying to manage the search engine titles and descriptions was becoming an impossible task. I needed to open and edit each article individually.

So, we set out to build OSMeta. Finally, after a year of effort, OSMeta is what I hoped it would be.

It truly is the easiest way to add metadata to Joomla.

We've just released OSMeta 1.2 with a ton of improvements. Here's what's new:

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5 Joomla Web Marketing Mistakes

Marketing your Joomla website is essential, but there are a number of mistakes that many marketers make.

These things can slow the growth of your online business, and lead to a lack of sales and poor performance.

This article will cover the 5 main mistakes that will destroy a good website.

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4 Tips for Successful Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing allows webmasters to utilize trends in customer behavior. This information helps webmasters boost their site's visibility while engaging with their customer base.

This ongoing engagement builds trust, fosters relationships, and helps ensure that website visitors are taking the action a site owner wants them to.

There are numerous ways to optimize a site's inbound marketing funnel, including the following tips:

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