The 7 Deadly Sins of Content Marketing

It's no surprise that content marketing is on the rise - one survey found that 61% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that deliver custom content. Furthermore, the average cost per lead of inbound and content marketing is less than half that of traditional outbound efforts. 

With so much buzz around the topic, we're seeing the time invested in content marketing take off. Unfortunately, not all content is good content. 

If you'd like to avoid some classic content marketing mistakes and create the type that truly converts, read on to discover the 7 Deadly Sins of Content Marketing.

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How to Get Started with Marketing Automation

By now, you know that marketing automation has the power to skyrocket your lead conversions and transform your sales cycle.

While the benefits of Inbound marketing automation are vast, there's one big thing holding a lot of companies back from implementing it: where do we start?

If you're interested in getting started with automation but unsure of how to prepare your team and process, check out this infographic from Sparksight:

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5 Tips to Ease a Joomla Site Launch and Client Handoff

For all of the effort that goes into wire-framing, designing, and developing a Joomla site, you'd think the launch day would be a time of celebration and pride. But as just about any Joomla pro will agree, most site launches are characterized by little sleep, excessive caffeine, and terrifying calls with the client. 

Fortunately, the site launch doesn't have to be such a scary cycle. In fact, with proper planning and a structure to the handoff, launching a Joomla site can actually be the idyllic celebration you'd hoped for. Keep reading to find out how you can get there.

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Rock Your Landing Page Forms: How to Get High Quality Leads

Ah, landing pages: the gateway between a browsing website visitor and an engaged contact. Despite the popularity of landing pages across the web, the concept of the form still puzzles many marketers.

What should you ask on a form? How many questions are too many? Is there a way to structure a form so it engages high quality leads?

If you're wondering questions like these, read on for insight.

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Why Does Your Joomla Site Need an Email System?

Lead nurturing is a hot topic in marketing circles, and for good reason. 

It saves marketers time, it saves sales reps energy, and it creates positive relationships with potential customers. 

For those on Joomla sites, lead nurturing is easiest to execute with an email system. Sure, you could try to accomplish the entire process manually - but by automating the interactions, you'll save more of that precious time we're all trying to come by. 

Read on to find out how an email system can help - and why you need one!

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Easy Language Plugin for Joomla

easy languageJoomla is a popular option for multi-lingual sites.

You can learn the default way that Joomla handles multi-lingual functionality by taking our Multi-Lingual Sites class.

However, there are alternatives to the default approach. One alternative is Easy Language.

Easy Language is a plugin that makes handling translations easier by allowing us to maintain a single item with all languages we need. This could be quicker than the Joomla default which involves creating copies of each item.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to use Easy Language.

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Why Inbound Marketing is the Next Big Thing for Joomla

With over 35 million downloads and a 3% share of the internet, Joomla is one of the most trusted and respected content management systems available.

As the internet develops and marketing becomes ubiquitous with the online experience, Joomla developers all over the globe are shifting in their roles and expanding their skill sets to learn how to create websites that help clients accomplish their online marketing objectives. 

So what does all this mean for Joomla? How will the platform progress as the utility of a business website shifts? I believe many Joomla sites will soon be adopting Inbound Marketing functionality. Here's why:

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5 must-read books on Web-Design

Web design is as much of an art as it is a science, especially if you're designing for demanding clients. The Internet has plenty of design inspiration and tips for building sites, but sometimes there's nothing quite like sitting down with a few good books to expand your skills, to gain a new perspective on design, or to refresh existing skills.

Continue reading to find our recommendation of "5-must read web design books" you need in your personal library.

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Add Gravatar Support in Joomla with Jumi

jumi gravatar

One of the most popular, useful and long-lived extensions in Joomla is called Jumi. We have got Jumi tutorials on this site that date from early 2007.

Why is Jumi so popular? Jumi is an extension that allows you add to custom code such as PHP, Javascript or CSS directly into our Joomla pages. 

One of our members wanted to show Gravatar images of their users when they logged in. They thought this would help create a more welcoming feeling.

We showed them how to use Jumi to integrate Gravatar with Joomla:

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Budget Friendly Inbound Marketing Tools for Joomla Sites

Working as an inbound marketer at an agency that works on Joomla websites probably means that you are always looking for ways to make your strategies more efficient. You're busy and have a lot of things on your plate so it makes sense that you are constantly in search of new and improved marketing tools.

The tricky part usually comes in when you find a tool that would be extremely beneficial to your Joomla site, but it's out of your budget. Wah wahhhh. That's always the most disappointing factor.

The good news is that there are budget friendly inbound marketing tools available to you! Let's see what some of them are.

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