8 Great Videos That Explain Inbound Marketing

Best videos to learn Inbound Marketing

Our jInbound Joomla extension is the best tool to instantly start marketing your products or services with Inbound Marketing.

Set a marketing goal, create a campaign, build a landing page for the campaign, and schedule a few automatic emails to convert the campaign leads into customers. That's all.

Are these terms new to you? Watch our best 8 videos to learn with lovely Shannon what Inbound Marketing is and how each of these terms fits into the whole IM picture.

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Introduction to jInbound's Smart CTA Module

How to Present a New Content to a New Lead with the Smart CTA Module

Our inbound marketing component jInbound ships with the Smart CTA module. CTA stands for Call-To-Action.

Set this module to show laser targeted calls to action depending on the visitor status in your jInbound marketing campaigns.

Learn in this post how to display one call to action to a first-time visitor and another - to a new marketing lead.

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Track a jInbound Marketing Goal Completion

Converting a lead

Inbound Marketing is all about converting a passive visitor to your site into an active lead.

You can easily achieve this goal with our cool jInbound component, even if you have no marketing experience whatsoever.

In this blog post, you will learn how to convert a passive viewer of a jInbound landing page into a lead and the lead - into a goal completed lead.

This will enable you to trace who actually responded to your marketing offer. You then will be able to effectively nurture or further market your new or goal completed leads.

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Beginners Guide to Marketing Lead Nurturing Emails [Video]

Picture of the US Dollar sign and a group of users

Lead nurturing emails are the best way to automatically direct your marketing leads through your customer funnel.

Learn in this blog post:

  • Content best practices for a lead nurturing email.
  • Design tips for increasing email open rates and lead engagement.
  • Considerations for email scheduling.
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How to Create Marketing Calls to Action In Joomla

Picture of the US Dollar sign and a group of web users

Create a call-to-action to catch the interest of your site visitors and direct them to a jInbound landing page. There they will express interest in your offer and enter the lead funnel.

In this blog post, you will learn:

  • Best design practices for calls-to-action.
  • When and where to use calls-to-action on your website.
  • How not to create calls-to-action.
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The Complete Guide to Google Analytics in Joomla

Picture of Joomla logo and Google Analytics screen

Learn to analyze web traffic to your Joomla site. The more you know about its visitors, the better site you will build.

The best way to analyze traffic to your site is the popular Google Analytics.

In this post, you will learn some benefits of using Google Analytics and what you can do with it for your Joomla site.

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Beginner Guide to jInbound Landing Pages

Picture of the US Dollar and a group of users

Landing pages are the cornerstone of Inbound Marketing.

It's your site landing pages that will be converting a casual visitor to a lead, and the lead - to the customer.

In this video, you will take an overview of the best practices for creating landing pages and thank you pages with Joomlashack's jInbound component.

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Beginners Guide to jInbound Thank You Pages

Inbound Marketing graphic representation

A Thank You page is an essential part of Inbound Marketing. Get it right and your Thank You page will create extra conversion opportunities for you.

In this video, you will be given an introduction to Thank You pages in our jInbound marketing component. You will learn how to create them for additional conversions.

You will also get a tip on how to store videos or downloadable PDFs which you would like to link to your Thank You pages.

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Absolute Beginners Guide to Inbound Marketing Buyer Personas

Inbound Marketing graphic representation

In our previous post, you had an overview of what the Inbound Marketing Lead Stages are. You learned how to classify your leads in each of them.

But before you start an Inbound Marketing campaign aimed at your leads, there is something important you must do.

In this video (14:08), you will learn what buyer persona is, how to create one and why it is so important.

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Introduction to Inbound Marketing Lead Stages for Absolute Beginners

Introduction to Inbound Marketing

In the previous post, you learned what Inbound Marketing is. You learned how users move through the sales funnel and about the meaning and purpose of Inbound Flow.

In this video post, you will take the next step and learn about the lead stages. You will learn how to classify leads in each of them.

You will hear about the different types of content used at different lead stages and when and why leads become qualified for further activities.

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