How do I get Support at Joomlashack?

Joomlashack prides itself on its support. During the last several years we have used our forum to support our customers needs in many aspects, and as a result have the largest membership base after and have helped thousands of users build a professional looking Joomla powered web site.

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Why do we like IContact so much?

Email marketing: Love it or hate it, it's the way the web works. No matter what kind of website you have, building a list and communicating to a constituency is a key part of any successful website.

In 2006 I THOROUGHLY tested and reviewed many email systems, and my conclusion was that when your email lists start to get above a thousand subscribers, a whole set of problems arise that basic newsletter programs simply can't solve. You need the backing of a 3rd party company ensuring your email deliverability.

So then I investigated 3rd party hosted providers: Detailed Reviews of Email Marketing Solutions

Then I realized there was a problem. None of these solutions integrated into Joomla. A critical factor was missing: when users register on a Joomla site, importing them into an email list can be difficult and time consuming. There needed to be an automated process.

So we created one --- J!Contact

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What's New at Joomlashack?

What's New at Joomlashack?Here at Joomlashack its our continual goal to improve our customer experience. We have been taking careful note of suggestions you have all been making in our feedback board. We are please to announce the launch of Shack 2.0!

Better support, more tutorials, a better cart and access to template updates. Let me take you a brief tour of what we have waiting for you.

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Usability, Accessibility, Web Standards and SEO


Usability, accessibility and search engine optimization are all phrases used to describe high quality web pages in today's world wide web. In reality, there is a significant amount of overlap between them and a web page that demonstrates the characteristics of one does so for all three. The easiest way to achieve these three goals is to do so using the framework laid out in the W3C web standards.


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Creating a Blog Site With Joomla

Right now, there is no robust and feature rich blog extension for Joomla that will fufill the core features that is needed in a blog, and does it as a native (not a port) extension. Until something has been developed to fill this need, wannabe bloggers are probably much better off building a blog out of its consituant parts. Its a little more work, but the solution is more robust and easier to manage.

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How to Install Joomla 1.5

This tutorial quickly leads you through installing Joomla 1.5. It details both a local installation for testing (if you do not have a hosting account or have a slow internet connection) and a real web server installation.

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Joomla Template Tutorial

Reprinted with permission from Compass Design: Valid W3C joomla template designs for your website

As part of the Official Joomla Documentation program, this tutorial has been developed by Barrie North of Compass Design. As well as here at the official Joomla Dev site ( it is also available at in various complete formats, Word, PDF and HTML.

In this tutorial, we'll go through the steps of creating a joomla template. Joomla is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that is freely (literally) available and supported by a large on-line community. Specifically, we will create a template that uses cascading style sheets (CSS) to produce a layout without use of tables. This is a desirable goal as it means that the template code is easier to validate to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards. It will also tend to load faster, be easier to maintain and perform better in search engines. We will discuss these issues in detail later in the tutorial.

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Enhancing a Template for Joomla SEO

Tutorial 6: Enhancing a Template for Joomla SEO

Reprinted with permission from Compass Design: Valid W3C joomla template designs for your website

So we have a very basic shell of a web site. Doesn't look very interesting does it. Well, we can soon change that, let's make a few changes. We will also optimize the template for SEO. Joomla has some challenges compared to a static website, but techniques such as those we describe here can improve your joomla SEO efforts.

Some basic changes to the Joomla CSS

Let's first make the text a little more readable, two quick changes to the joomla CSS.

body {
font-family: verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif;
font-size: 76%; /* don't go smaller than this */

Note we dropped the style being applied to "html,body" as we didn't want the percentage font size being applied twice!

This makes the font a more reasonable size. Remember, we talked about how we were sizing our fonts in one of our previous articles, A Blank Template CSS file for Joomla. I have also chosen a sans-serif font: verdana. Web pages have the opposite readbility of paper pages. On paper, serif (like Times New Roman) are more readable, on the web its the opposite.

Next, let's center the page.

body {
text-align:center; /* for IE */
#wrapper {
margin:0 auto;

OK, so here we have centered the page and made it a little wider. This is a fluid joomla CSS layout, the main part of the page will always be 85% of the browser window. It re-seizes depending on the screen resolution.

Now, we have to do a little changing of the column sizes. This is important, if columns overlap, it can break a layout in a browser.

#leftcontent {
#centercontent {
margin-left: 190px; /*tweaked a little to get a slight gap*/
margin-right:165px; /*tweaked a little to get a slight gap*/
#rightcontent {

I have reduced the width of both side columns and increased the margins. Note I have made a small gap between them and the center column.

Let's make a splash of color, C00 is a shade of red and fff is white:

body { .....
background-color: #C00;
#wrapper {

Joomla SEO

OK, so here is the really good bit. It's to do with joomla search engine optimization or joomla SEO. The closer something is to the beginning in the xhtml code of your page, the more weight it carries for yoursearch engine ranking . Unfortunately, a joomla website outputs alot of xhtml. This means that your important content (the middle column) gets pushed down. But, CSS to the rescue, remember that we absolutely positioned our side columns. This means that they can appear anywhere in the source, as long as they are in their container, the "wrapper". So let's put them after the main content! Heck, if you wanted and had alot of non-vital content in it, you could even make a header container and put that after the main content too.

<div id="wrapper">

<div id="centercontent">
<div class="insidecenter">
<?php mosMainBody(); ?>

<div id="header">
<?php mospathway() ?>
<?php mosLoadModules('top');?>

<div id="leftcontent">
<?php mosLoadModules('left');?>

<div id="rightcontent">

<p><a href="" target="_blank" title="W3C Joomla Design">Valid xhtml?</a></p>


We had to add this rule (you can see it in the xhtml above) to push the center column down.

.insidecenter {
padding: 100px 0 0 0;

Last but not least we move the footer below the end of the wrapper div, putting it into the colored page background.

Now we add some titles for the site.

<div id="header">
<h1><span><?php echo $mosConfig_sitename; ?></span></h1>
<h2><span><?php echo $mosConfig_live_site; ?></span></h2>
<?php mospathway() ?>
<?php mosLoadModules('top');?>

Notice how the name of the site and its url are in header tags. This does two things, first it is good practive for semantic layout, so increases the accessibility of the site, second, it helps your joomla SEO as anything in a header tag is given slightly more weight as a keyword.

So, there you have it, a source ordered joomla template, this week with a little kick for your joomla SEO needs.

A Joomla SEO template

Is it still a W3C valid joomla template?? Well, what do you think?


How do you set up SEO optimized Websites? Do you want to learn SEO? Would be interested in SEO lessons?  SEO Courses? SEO video tutorials? SEO Training? Conversion optimization lessons? Conversion optimization courses. Conversion optimization video tutorials. Conversion optimization training.


A preview from our next joomla tutorial

Tutorial 7: Using CSS to add imagery to your joomla website (unpublished)


Joomla template design from Compass Design� 2005 Compass Design/Barrie North, December 2005.
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